The Support You Need

It takes more than software to ensure your success. That’s why we offer a wide range of customized services designed to make the most of your investment.

You’ll get the full value of Blackboard Transact by leveraging the expertise of our consultants. You can call on them on a per-project-basis or as a full-time member of your team.

Strategic Planning Services

We’ll help you develop strategies specific to your goals. Ideal for both new and existing Blackboard clients, Strategic Planning Services will help you identify critical success factors across Blackboard Transact.

Blackboard Consulting Transition Services

After the on-site installation team has completed the installation and the system is up and running, a Transition Services team is available to address any challenges that surface during the initial system kickoff. These senior-level specialists are dedicated to a smooth rollout and act as primary points of contact during the first month, ensuring a successful adoption of the new system.

Solution Implementation and Management Services

Successful implementation and ongoing expansion of campus commerce and security systems can be challenging for even the most sophisticated campus service organizations. Additionally, the management of these solutions evolves over time, placing increased demands on your system environment. We’ll work closely with you to ensure smooth implementations and assist in helping your institution evolve the widespread adoption.

Integration and Customization Services

Whether interfacing to other campus systems, integrating data to financial systems or providing unique reporting functions, we’ll provide the expertise to meet your specific needs.

Learn More

Many campuses have already benefited from our consulting services. Find out how we can help you:

  • Launch a new card program or revitalize an existing program
  • Prepare and achieve performance objectives for your campus card program
  • Streamline business operations, evaluate existing campus services, and create new opportunities to maximize revenue
  • Develop a long-term card management, training and leadership plan
  • Review on and off campus third party vendor contracts for cost benefit analysis
  • Perform operational “health checks” on the card program to sustain effectiveness for long-term initiatives
  • Improve data security by eliminating SSN and credit card information
  • Create new and innovative ways to enhance campus card activity, including campus ticketing programs, student bike programs, and more

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