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Provide a safer, more secure environment for your students

Provide a safer, more secure environment for your students. Gain greater control of who has access to what. Blackboard technology offers a versatile, sophisticated and user-friendly solution for building and door access control.

With Blackboard Transact™ technology and Contactless ID campus card technology, you’ll have the control you need to regulate building and door access.


  • Easy-to-use setup options by user role
  • Graphical schedule display
  • Comprehensive override capabilities
  • Flexible holiday schedule handling
  • Both wired and wireless solution capabilities
  • Option for contactless campus ID card access
  • Ability to distribute access management to multiple departments
  • Ability to control multiple inputs (sensors, switches, motion detectors, thermostats, etc.) and outputs (sirens, emergency phone dialers, pumps, etc.)
  • Easy-to-install and cost-effective wireless capabilities

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Historically, employees have carried around hundreds of keys - most of them they inherited from people retiring or leaving...Now with Blackboard Transact, we can see who has access. We can look at a door report to see who has been in the area. It makes key management simple.

—Paul Bishop,
Vice President of IT,
Santa Barbara City College

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