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Commerce Management
Blackboard Transact Contactless Technology - Santa Clara UniversityPlay Media Hear why Santa Clara University invested in Contactless technology across campus from Blackboard Transact.

By automating tasks and delivering faster, more secure transactions, you'll simplify life and enable individuals to make purchases on or off campus using their all-in-one student ID card. With the benefits of cashless commerce, never has life on campus been more convenient.

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Security Management
Blackboard Transact Security - Mansfield UniversityPlay Media Learn how Mansfield University enhanced security on campus with access control and video surveillance.

Through sophisticated campus-wide video surveillance, efficient access control, and flexible mass notification capabilities, you and your security officers can create a more secure experience for your students and staff.

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Financial Services
Financial Services Webinar thumbPlay MediaHear how Jones County Junior College is providing students free and clear access to financial aid credit balances.

Offer students solutions for all their financial management needs including electronic delivery of financial aid, student payroll, credit balances, and online account management on the campus ID card. Create off-campus commerce programs offering advanced payment processing, and fraud management services.

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David Marr videoPlay MediaDavid Marr shares his vision for the next generation of student ID cards.

It's necessary to innovate and introduce technologies that meet the demands of today's students. Blackboard Transact can help you invest in and deliver a better return on every dollar with technologies that optimize past investments and support your future needs.

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Keep students secure, content, and comfortable away from home and you’ll keep them—and their parents—happy. We’re committed to helping you make campus life better. A big part of that is ensuring convenience and safety.

Blackboard Transact™ solutions can help your campus run more efficiently and allow you to provide round-the-clock services that deliver tremendous value.


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