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Improve the student experience with Blackboard's award-winning Contactless technology

Implement the right technologies and you’ll meet the higher demands of today’s students. You’ll create a better experience and deliver real return on every campus dollar invested.

Award-winning, smart Contactless technology from Blackboard can do all that and more. We have created a fully integrated Contactless ecosystem designed around the international standard for Near Field Communication (NFC). The platform is secure, robust, and helps increase student convenience while integrating with most of the technology that’s already on your campus. So you can optimize past technology investments and support your future needs.

Across and beyond campuses around the globe, Contactless technology from Blackboard Transact™ is helping to validate IDs, pay for books, feed hungry students, and even control the crowd at sporting events.

We saw Blackboard’s Contactless solution as a way for us to keep pace with rapidly changing technology by adopting a solution based on industry standards. We knew that Blackboard Transact™ would not only help us solve for today’s challenge of increasing data security, but also help us establish a base from which we could expand the platform in years to come.

—Nirmal Palliyaguru,
Director of ACCESS and Conference Services,
Santa Clara University

2010 SESAMES Award Winner

Best Banking/Retail/Loyalty Application

Award-Winning Technology

In 2010, Blackboard’s multi-function contactless campus card reader won the coveted SESAMES Award, an international honor given to the most innovative products in digital security and smart technologies. The SESAMES Awards represent an unchallenged seal of approval in innovation and are regarded as global standards for card manufacturers and related industries.


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