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Students and their parents appreciate the Financial Services solutions offered through Blackboard Transact™. With an integrated campus ID card and online financial management tools, students feel in control. And, even off-campus merchants benefit with expanded commerce opportunities and tools that help them serve your students. All the while, institutions create efficiencies. Blackboard Transact Financial Services delivers innovative services such as:

  • Secure and reliable electronic delivery of financial aid credit balances, student payroll, and other student credit balances on the campus ID card
  • Off-campus commerce with the campus card
  • Community merchant network programs
  • Advanced payment processing and fraud management services
  • Online account management


BlackboardPay™ is a better way to deliver student credit balances. It's a one-card solution that gives your students free and clear access to funds.

BbOne and Off-Campus Commerce

Offer a secure, cashless and convenient way to make purchases—all within a university-approved merchant network including more than 1,500 merchants nationwide.

Blackboard Payment Gateway

Realize the benefits of advanced payment processing and fraud management services hosted in state-of-the-art, PCI-compliant data centers.

Online Account Management

Give your students 24/7 access to monitor their campus accounts and conveniently make deposits using a credit card.


Get an array of creative elements and tools to help generate excitement about your campus card program and highlight depositing options and accepting locations.

Blackboard Campus Card™ Services

You’ll have everything you need for a hassle-free experience including industry-leading card management, re-carding, design, and production capabilities—all with minimal expenditure.


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