On-Campus Payment

Improve the student experience on-campus with Blackboard Transact Commerce Management

The right commerce management solution will help you reduce errors, increase revenue, eliminate operational redundancies, and control labor costs. At the same time, you’ll ensure efficient use of fixed and limited resources by controlling access to computers, printers, events and programs. Plus, your students and staff will spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying consistent levels of service throughout their campus experience.

Blackboard Commerce Management™ solutions securely process transactions conducted across your campus—managing the administration, processing, and reporting functions for the entire campus ID card network.

A Powerful Enterprise Solution

Data collection. Payment distribution. Facility management. It’s administrative tasks like these that affect the productivity of your day-to-day operations. Now, imagine the advantages of a one-card system. Blackboard technology uses a central cardholder database to securely process every financial and data transaction on campus.

A Better Campus Experience

Wherever card transactions occur, Blackboard technology helps you obtain and analyze the activity to determine where to best allocate funding. Blackboard Transact™ offers a comprehensive card solution that captures student data and provides reports that help analyze student tendencies, enabling a better campus experience.

Blackboard Transact gives you wide-ranging commerce management capabilities, including:

  • Campus ID card production and issuance
  • Meal plan and debit/credit account administration with unlimited options for accounts, plans, menus and more
  • Integrated point-of-sale video surveillance
  • One-card cashless payments:
    • Dining and bookstore facilities
    • Laundry and vending payment
    • Print and copy management
    • Self-service campus kiosks
    • Parking facility operations
    • Secure IP-enabled card readers
    • Sophisticated point of sale (POS) hardware
    • Wireless applications
  • Advanced, customized reporting
  • Attendance tracking and administration at events

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