Off-Campus Options Keep Students Happy and Business Booming

Your campus is an integral part of the local community. The line where the campus ends and the surrounding community begins is becoming increasingly blurred as students constantly move between the two. This can create terrific opportunities for new revenue sources and increased student satisfaction.

Institutions and merchants can really expand business by utilizing Blackboard’s off campus payment solution, BbOne. You’ll be able to create an environment where any student, teacher or member of the campus community can make purchases on or off campus with just their ID card.

Institution Benefits

Increase campus revenue. BbOne provides a secure, cashless and convenient way to make purchases—all within a university-approved merchant network. You’ll reap the benefits from:

  • Heightening the value of your one-card program with additional discretionary deposits, interest and transaction revenue
  • Extending your service offerings to students without investing additional resources
  • Leveraging your existing technology investment
  • Strengthening community relationships through off-campus merchant participation

We’ll help you develop a comprehensive off-campus merchant network and manage every aspect of the program—from merchant acquisition and training to funds settlement and technical support. We’ll also develop customized marketing campaigns and a web site to build your program success.

The Blackboard network has more than 1,500 merchants nation-wide, including hundreds of locally-owned independent stores and national brands such as:

- Chili’s Grill and Bar®
- Chipotle®
- CVS®
- Dairy Queen®
- Denny's®
- McDonald’s®

- Papa John's®
- Sheetz®
- Pizzeria Uno®
- Staples®
- Hundreds of locally-owned
  independent stores


Merchant Network Benefits

Develop a loyal customer base and make a big impact on your business. Through the BbOne program you can:

  • Increase sales by accepting the campus ID card as payment
  • Have privileged access to proprietary student funds
  • Increase student traffic and incremental transactions
  • Realize higher average transactions
  • Build stronger customer loyalty with the campus community
  • Get targeted campus exposure via university communication channels, events and online directory listings
  • Receive customized in-store signage highlighting your business as a select campus partner
  • Get next-day merchant reimbursement
  • Receive 24/7/365 dedicated merchant support

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