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Blackboard Transact Contactless Technology - Santa Clara UniversityPlay Media See how Santa Clara University Transitioned to a Contactless Campus

Make your commerce management more efficient and you’ll be able to give your students the on-demand experience they expect. Whether they’re checking out a book at the library, using a copier, buying vended products, or dining on or off campus, now you can offer your students the convenience of a cashless campus with Blackboard Contactless campus student ID cards. These cards will help you increase student satisfaction, cut costs, and maximize the revenue potential of the millions of transactions that occur on and around campus each day.

On-Campus Commerce Management

Give students and parents access 24/7 to monitor and manage campus card accounts.

Off-Campus Commerce Management

Offer a secure, cashless, and convenient way for any member of your community to make purchases even when they’re off campus.

Online Account Management

Create an online environment where any cardholder can manage a universal account anytime, anywhere.