At a time where student expectations for service are increasing at a faster rate than the budget, effectively leveraging an integrated OneCard program with the help of Blackboard Transact can help you create a seamless experience for your students. Your students will have unparalled convenience and customer service, and you'll have a system that controls scarce resources, protects physical assets, and reduces overall costs.

With tools like this, we can build a better education experience for everyone on and beyond campus.

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Find out how the University of Alabama made getting to the big game so much easier.

About Blackboard Transact

Blackboard Transact™ technology gives your students the convenience of one card for all their needs—from building access to campus meals, to on and off-campus purchases. They’ll also have easy and secure access to financial aid credit balances, student payroll, or money deposited from home. Plus, Blackboard Transact technology helps make your campus a model of expert and efficient operations and delivers round-the-clock student services.

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Hear why Santa Clara University invested in Contactless technology across campus from Blackboard Transact.

Commerce Management On and Off Campus

Simplify life for everyone—on and off campus—with one card, one platform. Efficient on-campus commerce management gives you control of virtually every transaction throughout your enterprise.

  • Streamline administration, processing, and reporting functions
  • Automate services, eliminate errors, reduce costs, and make purchasing quicker and easier all over campus
  • Make faster, more secure transactions with contactless technology

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Blackboard Transact Security - Mansfield UniversityPlay Media

Learn how Mansfield University enhanced security on campus with access control and video surveillance.

Security Management

Blackboard Transact™ Security Management provides peace of mind for everyone. Through campus-wide video surveillance, access control, and mass notification capabilities, you and your security officers can create a more secure experience for your students by:

  • Controlling access to campus buildings and events
  • Monitoring live or recorded campus video from anywhere on or off campus
  • Reaching out to your entire community instantly via text, email or phone

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Financial Services

Make life more convenient for students on and off campus with Blackboard Transact Financial Services.

Financial Services

Give your students solutions that help them with all their financial management needs. The Blackboard Transact™ platform provides access to information about campus card accounts and even provides a way for student credit balances to be delivered electronically. Blackboard’s financial management solutions help institutions streamline operations, improve business efficiencies and lower overhead costs. Blackboard’s Financial Services solutions offer:

  • Electronic delivery of financial aid, student payroll, and credit balances on the campus ID card with BlackboardPay
  • Off-campus commerce and community merchant network programs with BbOne
  • Online account management with eAccounts
  • Advanced payment processing and fraud management services
    through the Blackboard Payment Gateway

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Quinnipiac NFC Pilot

Learn about Quinnipiac University's pilot program of Blackboard Transact's complete near field communication system on campus. The Blackboard Transact system uses NFC-enabled Android handsets and students can use the devices for physical access control, payments at the point-of-sale, vending, laundry, copying and printing.

Contactless: Convenient, fast, secure and innovative

Give your students one smart-Contactless card that can be used on and off campus to power a range of functions from housing to purchasing meals.

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