I am pleased that we are now able to provide this great new student service while improving efficiencies in the Bursar’s office. We’re now saving money in financial aid disbursement activities, and on top of all that I didn’t have to change or buy anything new to make this program work for us.

—Candice Smith,
OneCard Services Administrator,
Jones County Junior College

Linking network cameras to our Blackboard key card system gives us a much higher level of security than we’ve ever enjoyed before. We can see where our problem situations are occurring and take immediate steps to reduce our potential liability.

—Chuck Colby,
Associate Vice President of Residence Life,
Mansfield University

Historically, employees have carried around hundreds of keys - most of them they inherited from people retiring or leaving. It was not unusual to have to try 20 keys to see which one worked! That’s an expensive way to manage your access, especially when that only propagates the problem by adding more keys to the mix. Now with Blackboard Transact, we can see who has access. We can look at a door report to see who has been in the area. It makes key management simple.

—Paul Bishop,
Vice President of IT,
Santa Barbara City College

We needed a campus management system that could easily integrate all our student services and reporting systems on campus into one universal operating platform ... Blackboard Transact Release 3 technology has already made a significant impact on us, making our campus operations and security better and our jobs easier.

—Virginia Stewart,
Albany State University

From an administrative point of view, Blackboard has allowed us to walk away from archaic systems and processes that were time consuming. As a result, we’ve been able to take on much more meaningful work that more directly serves our constituents.

—Eric Mullen,
Director of Student Life,
Grand Rapids Community College

We saw Blackboard’s Contactless solution as a way for us to keep pace with rapidly changing technology by adopting a solution based on industry standards. We knew that Blackboard Transact would not only help us solve for today’s challenge of increasing data security, but also help us establish a base from which we could expand the platform in years to come.

—Nirmal Palliyaguru,
Director of ACCESS and Conference Services,
Santa Clara University

Blackboard has been instrumental in the My Football Ticket program. The daily transactions and reporting has given us the ability to expand the program to fit the needs of the students as well as the University. We’ve been very impressed with their service and the system’s capabilities.

—Jeanine Brooks,
Director of Action Card,
University of Alabama

We could not have been more impressed with how quick Blackboard was willing to respond and the teamwork and effort that came in to make sure it was successful – that everything was in place when school started and that we were able to integrate. I have not seen that kind of response from many vendors out there.

—Marvin Dodge,
Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services,
Snow College


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