Blackboard Mobile Strategy


We started with just an idea, and worked with Blackboard all the way from conceptualizing to creating and implementing in a very quick timeframe. I think that speaks to Blackboard's ability to understand and deliver. Blackboard's current mobile applications are a great starting point right out of the box, and when you add their expertise and insight, their open APIs and their Software Development Kit, you can really create your own mobile experience and I think that's where the huge advantage is. 

Let's Create a Better Mobile Experience, Together

When it comes to mobile, every organization has unique long-term needs, community expectations, and user requirements that extend beyond a specific technology or implementation. A mobile strategy is essential to the creation of an experience that reflects the priorities, values, and vision of your organization.

For organizations like yours, an effective mobile strategy can:

  • Strengthen your reputation with alumni, donors, and communities
  • Enhance student engagement, success and education quality
  • Increase access, enrollment, retention and graduation rates
  • Connect students, instructors, and staff to key services anytime, anywhere

We can help you define and shape your long-term vision, execute against your priorities, and build your capability.

Getting There

We draw upon our expertise as educators and technologists in education to develop a plan unique to your organization in six Mobile Strategy Effective Practice Areas. Our approach not only concentrates on developing a mobile strategy for the present, but it also focuses developing your capability to vision, plan, implement, and perform into the future.

Mobile Strategy Circle

Your Starting Point: A Strategic Review

A Strategic Review looks across all of the Mobile Strategy Effective Practice Areas within a structured engagement that integrates literature and material reviews, self-assessment, interviews, and participatory working sessions into phasing and a framework appropriate for the organization. As part of a Strategic Review, we:

  • Assess the enterprise for mobile capabilities
  • Evaluate the infrastructure and systems for web services for mobile integration
  • Review other mobile initiatives and how they roll into a cohesive Mobile Strategy

These findings are incorporated into a final analysis and a set of recommendations that are delivered in an executive summary report, which you can use to advance your mobile goals and objectives.

An effective strategy requires a partner who can take your entire campus from zero to Mobile. With the Blackboard Mobile Learn and Blackboard Mobile Central platforms and Blackboard Mobile Strategy Consulting, you have a dedicated team with an expertise in developing and executing mobile strategies for education.