Core Infrastructure

All Blackboard Managed Hosting Engagement Plans leverage the same infrastructure and support baseline:

24x7x365 Management

  • 200+ Full-Time Dedicated Resources
  • 24x7 Managed Production Environment
  • 24x7 Network Operations Monitoring
  • 24x7 Dedicated Client Support Teams
  • 24x7 Online Aggregate Usage Reporting Tool
  • 24x7 Anytime Blackboard Application Upgrade
  • Data Restores and Archiving

Redundant Core Infrastructure

  • State-of-the-art Tier-4 Datacenters1
  • Fully Redundant, Fault-Tolerant Conditioned Power2
  • Redundant Tier-1 Internet Connections3
  • Fully Redundant Internet & Network Equipment
  • Highly Available Enterprise Storage Systems4
  • Multiple Levels of Data Backups & Off-Site Data Storage


  • 24x7 Physical Security at Tier-4 Datacenters
  • Enterprise Firewall and Intrusion Protection
  • 24x7 Network Security Monitoring
  • 24x7 Security Incident Response Team

1A Tier-4 Datacenter has fully redundant and fully fault-tolerant capacity components (i.e. power systems, chillers, HVAC systems, uplinks, etc.)
2Fully redundant means that there’s more than one of the same capacity components to immediately take over the capacity/ function if the primary component fails.
3A Tier-1 ISP is a network that can reach every other network on the Internet without purchasing IP transit or paying settlements. Tier-1 ISPs are the most reliable Internet connection providers around the world
4High availability is similar to fully redundant, but active-active.