Learning Administration

Integrate Student Information, Courses and Assessments

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Want to improve the flow of student information and feedback? Need to manage data entry costs and reduce inaccurate information?

Blackboard offers Learning Administration solutions —from SIS Integration to Gradebook Integration to Password Management and beyond.  We’ll help you seamlessly integrate information and improve your results—easier than ever before.

Learning Administration offers efficiencies such as:

  • Automating data processing by integrating the Blackboard Learn™ platform to virtually any data source for your SIS, portal, authentication scheme, and/or other applications
  • Keeping grades in a SIS in synch with your Blackboard Learn Grade Center
  • Managing enrollments and course listings from multiple courses in a single course site, and more

Plus, with optional Integration and Customization Management, you’ll know your system is always up-to-date and well maintained.

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