Blackboard Drive - Manage Your Content in Overdrive

Transform the way you work with file based content. With the combination of the Blackboard Learn™ Content Management module and the new Blackboard Drive™, managing files is kicked into high gear. Blackboard Drive is your key to efficiency when working with content in Blackboard Learn.

It's all about driving efficiency

Blackboard Drive is a desktop application that allows mapping a network drive to the Content Collection in Blackboard Learn. With Blackboard Drive you no longer need to go to the web interface to manage and edit files or rely on inconsistent WebDAV behavior. Instead you can consistently manage content the way you are most comfortable, with familiar desktop tools like Windows® Explorer, Mac OS® X Finder and Microsoft Office, or from the web interface. No matter how you prefer to work with your course content, Blackboard Drive saves time and makes your life easier.

Easy editing from the web interface

With Blackboard Drive installed editing files from the Blackboard Learn Content Collection in the web interface becomes just a three-step process – open, edit, save. You will no longer waste time saving edited files on your local computer, locating them, and uploading them back to the server. This capability, Easy Edit with Blackboard Drive, is integrated into the newest release of Blackboard Learn 9.1. See it for yourself.


Blackboard Drive for Microsoft Windows® and Blackboard Drive for Mac® are available for clients who license the Content Management module of Blackboard Learn.

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Windows® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. Mac® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

With Blackboard Drive installed, interacting with files in the Blackboard Learn Content Collection is as simple and as easy as using local files on your computer.

— Dan Blickensderfer,
Manager, Documentation & Training,
IT Academic Technology,
University of New Hampshire