Support the Full Education Experience Online

Institutions across the world leverage the Community Engagement functionality of Blackboard Learn to connect their students, educators, and staff with the education community – both within the institution and across Blackboard’s global learning network. The education experience extends far beyond courses, and so should your LMS. You can engage your students beyond the classroom in new, personalized ways to help retain them year after year.

With the Community Engagement module, you can help your institution:

  • Efficiently reach students and educators in the place they already visit daily
  • Provide students and educators with one place to manage all aspects of their education experience – courses, campus events and news, extracurricular activities, advising, social learning, and more
  • Meet the needs of today’s active learners and keep them engaged in the education experience, improving student retention


  • Social Learning tools enable users to discover, connect, and communicate with their learning network through social, informal means that complement the more formal education experiences. The tools include a rich Profile, a People tool to discover others at your institution and across Blackboard’s global learning network, a Messages tool for quick communication, and Spaces for informal group collaboration.
  • Organizations provide online collaboration space for campus groups, clubs, committees, faculty, students, and administration. These collaboration spaces will be familiar to users since they are modeled after the course environment used every day.
  • Institution Roles give your institution the flexibility to deliver targeted information to users. For example, a university may want to provide a particular message to first year students, or only to online students. Or a K12 district may want to contact students and teachers from a certain school.
  • Portal functionality leverages flexible modules and tabs to provide a one-stop shop for all academic and campus information.
  • Branding creates unique online identities within Blackboard for distinct colleges, degree programs, physical campuses, and K12 schools or districts.
  • Institutional Hierarchy allows you to model your organizational structure in Blackboard Learn in order to delegate administrative privileges in a way that parallels that real-world structure.