Xythos DriveTM

Take Blackboard Xythos where users work today and speed adoption for both Windows® and Mac® users.

Let’s face it, when it comes to document management, users want tools to make it as quick and easy as possible. That’s why we’ve made it easy to leverage the full potential of Blackboard Xythos with Xythos Drive. It’s a desktop integration tool for both Windows and Mac that brings content management to a familiar desktop environment enabling users to save time and work more effectively with files of all types.

Xythos Drive™ and Xythos Drive™ 64

Turns Windows desktop applications into a WebDAV-powered document management and collaboration tool. In addition to editing documents, users can instantly control document access, document version management, file synchronization, subscriptions, and more, without ever leaving their familiar applications. Xythos Drive supports the 32-bit version of Windows and Xythos Drive 64 supports 64-bit version of Windows.

Xythos Drive™ for Mac®

Optimized for document management and provides advantages over Mac’s built-in WebDAV client with its ability to safely edit documents on the server. Adding, viewing, managing, and editing files in the familiar Mac Finder interface and a common Mac application such as TextEdit or MS Office 2008 becomes simple.

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