Blackboard Xythos in Government

Blackboard Xythos' adherence to open standards and cross-platform support are important reasons why WebFile Server has worked so succesfully within our community.

—Eric Baenen, General Dynamics

The need to improve inter-agency and department collaboration while protecting sensitive information has never been greater. Blackboard Xythos technology is already being put to this test – in federally funded research projects and a wide variety of collaborative inter-agency projects.

Unlike traditional Enterprise Content Management software and proprietary document storage systems, our basic content management solutions are based on open standards and are uniquely qualified to meet new government requirements that include open architecture and ease of integration.

Enable Inter-agency Collaboration

Blackboard Xythos accelerates secure document sharing and exchange within and between government agencies through secure file links that enable users to share files directly from the applications they already know.

Enhance Security

Information protection legislation now requires government agencies to improve content security and reporting. With this in mind, the Blackboard Xythos system integrates directly with enterprise directory services to ensure access is reserved only for those with the proper permissions.

Leverage Existing Technology

We optimize our solutions for the diverse environments of federal and state government organizations with an open standards-based architecture that can be installed in existing server environments – eliminating the need to introduce new system requirements.

Easily Deploy and Customize

Blackboard Xythos file and content management solutions operate inside the applications most users already know so you can minimize training time and costs. In fact, most Blackboard Xythos applications are deployed within a matter of days – even in diverse server environments.


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