Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite

We didn’t see anything else comparable in Xythos’ price range. Xythos offered a powerful set of library services that were critical to us. Not only is Xythos easy to use, but it was also rich enough to provide the flexibility we’ll need in the future.

—Don Thompson, Associate VP of Planning and Technology, Pepperdine University

If you’re struggling for ways to make your content more accessible throughout the enterprise without compromising security, you’re not alone. E-mail collaboration is no longer the answer as most users want consumer friendly solutions to get their jobs done. You’re on the hook to deliver Web services for managing and sharing content that are easy to use and control while complying with increased security requirements.

Xythos Enterprise Document Manager™ Suite (EDM) empowers distributed organizations to safely access, manage and share content over the Web, but that’s not all. It also enables business process automation through robust workflow and document capture and imaging support. With an intuitive Web 2.0 interface your organization will quickly see results and increase productivity at both the individual and organizational levels.

EDMS is the comprehensive solution you need to centrally manage, store, classify, tag and reuse content across your organization.

EDMS Features

  • Simplify collaboration and sharing: With Xythos EDM employees can securely share data, manage workflow tasks, review documents, make comments and establish project areas—all through an intuitive interface accessible from any Web browser.
  • Increase productivity with automated business processes: Go beyond mere routing and approval tasks to automate various workflow activities with tools that enable users to track, manage, and communicate like never before.
  • Decrease risk with improved content security and compliance: Effectively address growing compliance requirements by ensuring important electronic documents, e-mail and physical documents are retained or disposed on schedule.
  • Reduce IT Costs: Lower the cost of content storage management by consolidating file server storage into one easy-to-manage repository.
  • Easily deploy and adopt: Xythos Enterprise Document Manager saves the time required to learn new systems through a Web-based application that enables easy and secure retrieval of content using virtually any application.

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