Xythos Digital Locker™ Suite

Designed to meet the unique needs of the education market, the Xythos Digital Locker Suite rises to today’s campus collaboration challenge with everything you need to manage and share content on the Web. We built the Digital Locker Suite to be platform agnostic and work in conjunction with the applications and processes your users already know and use—accelerating user adoption, and reducing support requirements. You’ll find RSS feeds and wikis that support enhances collaboration and process wizards that simplify content organization. Colleges and universities choose Xythos Digital Locker to:

  • Improve overall collaboration and sharing of files
  • Manage and protect institutional content
  • Reduce Administrative cost
  • Manage grant and research project
  • Securely collaborate outside of the institution

Xythos Digital Locker Suite Features

Meet your institutional document management challenges with:

  • E-mail integration: Provides notifications via e-mail and transforms file attachments into secure links helping eliminate security risks and reducing storage consumption
  • Integrated Wikis: Easily captures, organizes and shares information through integrated Wiki
  • RSS feeds: Keeps users informed with the latest content.
  • Library Services: Provides a complete set of application library services including file check-in, check-out, version control, audit history, comments, subscriptions and more
  • File-level Access control:Creates administrative, classroom and individual directories —each with their own security
  • Secure File Sharing: Replaces attachments with secure file links (URLs) called Tickets that can be password protected and safely exchanged with users outside your community
  • Bandwidth and Quota control: Sets different bandwidth and quota controls on student and faculty directories depending on need
  • Recycle Bin: Makes restoring lost files easier than ever
  • LDAP integration: Provides an easy and secure way to manage user and group access right

The Xythos Digital Locker Suite includes Xythos Digital Locker, Xythos WebFile Server, Search Filters, API and Development license.


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