Blackboard Xythos in Education

We chose Blackboard Xythos to provide a convenient, university-wide file sharing solution that would also help better protect all of our user's data–no matter what kind of computer they are using.

—Rick Mickool, Northeastern University

Every education institution needs to safely store and publish its content, collaborate on research projects and reduce administrative costs. It's why Blackboard Xythos has become the first choice among domestic and international colleges and universities for their content management needs.

Our secure document management and collaboration software was specifically designed to meet the needs of the education market. In fact, we're the leading developer for academic and research institutions looking to securely collaborate and protect their valuable institutional content.

Connect Faculty and Students to Content From Anywhere

We provide individual storage area networks for your students and faculty that can be accessed from any Internet connection, on- or off-campus.

Drive Secure Collaboration Outside of the Institution

Through secure URL links, Blackboard Xythos enables users to move away from e-mail file attachments and securely and easily collaborate with external research or academic partners at other institutions.

Accelerate Campus-Wide Adoption

Eliminate the need for costly training and rapidly accelerate campus-wide adoption with direct file access capabilities that utilize familiar Windows Explorer and Macintosh file sharing features.

Improve Institutional Content Security

Safely protect institutional content while delivering the cost-saving and ease-of-use benefits of a single, comprehensive system.

Provide Offline Data Protection and Synchronization

When your researchers collect information in the field, our advanced file management features will enable them to update files offline and automatically synchronize them the next time they connect. Their content will be protected – even when stored on their laptops or other client systems.


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