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With the natural disasters that have occurred recently, we recognized that a (Blackboard Xythos) Web-enabled document management system would provide a secure repository for all the documents our bankers need, instead of relying on email and hard drives that can crash and be destroyed.

—Mark Rogers, CIO, Stone & Youngberg

When it comes to content management, a conundrum exists in many businesses today. The need to improve information sharing is critical but so too is the need to protect valuable content. Well managed content is key to both competitive advantage and security compliance – but that’s not easily accomplished when it’s scattered across various applications and repositories. Fortunately, Blackboard Xythos meets the needs of distributed business organizations with a comprehensive, Web-based solution.

Consulting Services

Our secure file delivery means you’ll safely connect vast numbers of field employees to common content repositories over the Web while ensuring secure file delivery.

Financial Services

Xythos Enterprise Document Manager is an ideal platform for financial organizations migrating content-rich business processes to the Web.

Life Sciences and Medical Research

Our document version and access control capabilities help life science organizations improve research procedures and increase grant funding through improved collaboration.


You depend upon networks of suppliers and partners to fulfill your just-in-time business models. Let Blackboard Xythos help you safely manage and share all kinds of business documents and files – both internally and between organizations.


With Blackboard Xythos’ integrated file collaboration capabilities, you’ll meet the challenges of an ultra-competitive marketplace and enhance your service offerings as you migrate to IP-based services.


Reduce your content management costs even when application development shifts to overseas partners with a secure and economic solution for exchanging large amounts of data.


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