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An LMS should make teaching and learning easier, not more complicated. Blackboard Learn™ is your foundation for a rich education experience, delivering the technology, services and support you expect in a learning management system.

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Blackboard Learn LMS - Student-Centered LMS

Student-Centered LMS

Blackboard Learn is designed with the student in mind. It delivers the tools you need, the way you want.

  • Global navigation puts your grades and assignments at your fingertips
  • Updates and notifications keep you informed of due dates and events
  • Collaborative spaces keep you in touch with your academic community
  • Mobile capabilities let you learn on your terms—anywhere, anytime

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Blackboard Learn LMS - Efficient Teaching Tasks

Efficient Teaching Tasks

Blackboard Learn enhances basic teaching tasks like grading and creating assessments. And with an intuitive design, this is one LMS that will save you time in and out of the classroom.

  • Give real-time feedback with student-preferred communication like texts and posts
  • Share, create and manage engaging content—no coding skills required
  • Easily create and grade assessments—and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Analyze data and turn it into actionable information

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Blackboard Learn LMS - Peer and Professional Support

Peer and Professional Support

New to Blackboard Learn? You don't have to go it alone. Our Consulting and Managed Hosting Services will get you up and running and support you along the way.

But the best resources are fellow users who can share their experiences with you. From K-12 and higher education to career colleges and the military, our broad network of e-learning professionals is committed to sharing best practices and LMS product knowledge. You'll find a variety of programs—from our User Groups to our Blackboard Idea Exchange or Cohort Program—that help you connect with helpful, knowledgeable peers.

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