A Learning Management System that Brings Your Vision to Life

Blackboard works  with our clients to develop and implement a learning management system (LMS) that impacts every aspect of education. We also enable clients to engage students in exciting new ways, reaching them on their terms and devices - and connecting more effectively, keeping students informed, involved, and collaborating together. Through our LMS course management systems, services, and expertise, we work with clients to build a better education experience.

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Introducing the Enhanced Blackboard Learn

About Blackboard LearnTM Release 9.1

Blackboard Learn LMS technology helps you make learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls. Breathing life into educational content.  Bringing efficiency to day-to-day tasks. Empowering instructors with tools to engage every learner. Motivating them on the devices they rely on. Promoting collaboration and streamlining processes.

You’ll have the right learning management system toolkit—one that is proven and constantly evolves to meet your needs. It will be flexible and easy to use—from managing content, engaging learners to assessing outcomes. And we’ll help you manage change and increase adoption.

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Community Programs

Blackboard brings together thousands of passionate users and a dynamic series of programs to form a community like no other. Join us and leverage the knowledge and experience of a global network of peers sharing best practices, actively shaping upcoming product releases and accessing a variety of community resources to help them meet your institutional goals.

Our community programs don’t just help you discuss trends in education. They provide you with the tools and support to help you transform it. Let’s get started.


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Blackboard Managed HostingSM

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Watch how Florida International University Online determined the best option to host their LMS.

Eliminate worry and focus on what’s important: delivering a better educational experience within the learning management system for your students and staff. With the Blackboard Managed Hosting service, we will help make your critical online programs safe, secure and available to your learners anytime. We manage all the changes, the growth, and help reduce the risk. You get best-in-class cloud based services, infrastructure and the same expertise leveraged by more than 900 education organizations worldwide.

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Blackboard ConsultingSM

Our Blackboard Consulting Services experts can help you achieve even greater results with solutions customized for your organization’s specific needs. From planning and implementing your Learning Management System to sustaining it, we’ll support you in every way. We’ll provide training, streamline every process, and make the most of your current resources.

We’ve helped thousands of organizations just like yours expand their online presence, improve educational effectiveness and realize better value from their technology investment. We take the time to understand your priorities and help you build capabilities that are effective for your organization.

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Find. Adopt. Share. It's that simple.

Online course management can be overwhelming with many content options available to instructors today. Blackboard is pursuing a strategy to simplify this process by integrating a variety of content types into the single and familiar learning management system course experience of Blackboard Learn. Clients now have access to publish rich digital content and much more in a single location. Instructors can expect greater choice in teaching materials and students will have more options for consuming instructional content.

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Webinar Recordings

Behind the Scenes: Blackboard's Focus on User Experience
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Make sure your online curriculum meets accessibility standards.
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Alignment Simplified: Integrating Your Student Information System with Blackboard Learn™
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Case Study

Tulane University Case Study.
Real stories. Real results.
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Client Testimonial

We have seen Blackboard pivot beautifully in the last few years – with a refocus on core foundations and what can make a difference for students and faculty.

-James Bradley, AVP,
Information Technology and Academic Computing,
Tulane University

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Scale with Blackboard - 4 Strategic Reasons to Consider a Managed Service Model

As online programs continue to grow—both in size and relevance—institutions are seeking reliability and scalability. This webinar explores the benefits delivered through Blackboard Managed Hosting and Student Services.

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