Our Design Services

Design QuickStart gives you a swift and cost-effective way to implement a professional looking website that reflects your unique school or district image—all within a matter of days.

It's easy to get started:

  • Simply give us your brand elements
  • Our designers will deliver a beautiful, functional website for an entry-level price
  • We’ll give you training on how to use the design interface to maintain the layout and graphic design of your new website You can easily update and maintain your design with the tools built right into your LCMS.

What's Included in Design QuickStart?

  • A brand-driven site design motif for your school or district that incorporates layout, navigation, and most importantly your brand identity—logo, school colors, mascot, mission statements, and more
  • Education-based imagery and photography
  • A graphic "header banner" that incorporates your design motif
  • Dynamic content for your school home page
  • Training on using our design tools to maintain your layout and graphic design for the life of your website


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