E-Rate Modernization & web hosting

Overview of Changes to the Federal E-Rate Program

The Federal Communications Commission’s recent E-Rate Modernization Order redefines E-Rate funding priorities in a way that will impact your district’s or school’s out-of-pocket costs for web hosting and associated services. Beginning in 2015, web hosting services will no longer be eligible to receive E-Rate funds. Those funds instead will be redirected to improve overall broadband access to schools and libraries. You can learn more about those changes here:

Official FCC press release >

Summary of the E-Rate Modernization Order >

Blackboard, like many other organizations, is supportive of efforts to modernize the E-Rate program because of its potential to improve how K-12 schools and districts connect their classrooms and their communities. We know how valuable your website is for keeping everyone connected, which is why we want to make sure that it will continue to serve you for years to come.

How Blackboard can help

We know that you might need assistance making up for any budget shortfalls associated with the funding changes from services like E-Rate. That’s why we’ve created our Bb-Rate program. Bb-Rate is our commitment to helping you deal with any impact the E-Rate funding changes may have on your web hosting service. With Bb-Rate, any schools or districts that previously relied on E-Rate for web hosting will be able to maintain significant discounts on web hosting, while also improving community outreach through a streamlined, unified communications solution.

Our K-12 communications solutions are designed to keep parents and students engaged in school no matter what device or mode of communication they prefer. These solutions include the latest innovations in mobile and web technology, like automated alerts and notifications that instantly provide parents with critical information about their student(s).

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