xpLor for Blackboard Engage

Rich educational materials and assessments, seamlessly integrated. For the first time, the universe of learning content can be explored within one place.

Blackboard xpLor transforms traditional teaching and learning by providing access to all of the information your teachers want online in one, easy-to-use content repository. Much more than just digital content in the cloud, it stores rich educational materials (including assessments), is an authoring environment with familiar content creation tools, enables sharing and discovery of educational content, and provides a copyright management system. With xpLor, all this content is delivered through your Edline class websites for a seamless experience for students.

With xpLor you can:

Discover content from all over the globe

We provide rich global search capabilities that can find content shared globally with advanced filtering functions by keyword, contributor or subject.

Create modern, content-rich course materials

With flexible and collaborative authoring, you can create your own learning materials and share it with everyone or just your district. Sharing is simple with a rich set of permissions to control how content is shared, used, and altered.

Easily find what you need

Through personalized views, xpLor makes it easy to tune out content that is not important to you, so you can focus on items in your subject, aligned with the standards you need or authored by people you follow.

Stay aligned with standards

We make it easy to keep up with Common Core standards or other stage-mandated standards.

Advanced assessment tools

Administer graded discussions, quizzes and assignments online with features like question randomization, time limits and grade overviews in your Edline.

For all grades

All levels of students and educators will benefit from our online learning tools, starting the educational technology journey early on in elementary school.

The easier it is to find the standards aligned content, the more time and energy you can spend teaching.


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