GradeQuick with SiteReporter

Using GradeQuick with SiteReporter, you can provide more timely, efficient information to everyone.

Features Include:

Instant administrative access

Counselors, coaches, and other school stakeholders can access current grade or attendance information. They can give their students additional guidance that may be important, such as team eligibility or university admissions.

Take control over your reports

Whether printing reports or posting them to Edline, teachers have the freedom to modify content, style, and layout of progress reports without burdening IT personnel. Reports can be quickly modified by each teacher, or administrators can lock down and standardize reports school-wide.

Visual aids

Communicate progress more effectively with compelling graphic visual aids.  Create full color reports and graphs to illustrate a student's progress. Graph grade distributions for the final semester average or any grading period, category, or assignment.

Create the kind of school-wide reports you need:

Replicate a current report card design, or create a completely new report card to fit your school's individual needs.

Track school performance

Get immediate feedback on student and school performance. Engage’s SiteReporter module reads GradeQuick's up-to-date classroom information and generates report cards, honor rolls, eligibility lists, attendance and custom reports based on almost any set of criteria.


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