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With an intuitive user interface that puts you in the driver’s seat, Blackboard Engage’s Edline is the only K-12 communication platform that allows anyone to quickly set up and benefit from the following features:

Web Hosting

Fully-scalable, secure and reliable with everyone on one platform.


Exceptional designs that you can maintain without depending on vendors.

Page Editing

Always-available editing tools allow for full-page inline editing and instant publishing.

Drag and Drop

Global “drag and drop” front-end content creation and management.

Calendars and Alerts

Powerful district-wide and classroom-centric calendars to keep you in the loop.

Single Sign-On

Only one access point for webmasters, administrators, staff and other group members.


Granular permissions for managing editing rights, section-level site access and user roles.

SIS Integration

Auto-synchronization with rosters and user data makes setup a breeze.


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