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In addition to premium client care, Blackboard Connect™ offers strategic communications consulting to help you reach your audience more effectively. The Blackboard team assists clients with a wide range of communication issues:

Launches and registration drives

When you join the Blackboard Connect family, we can help you run a successful public launch of your mass notification system, letting your stakeholders know that you are fully prepared to communicate and react during a crisis. We can also support your ongoing registration drives, ensuring that you maximize system participation.

Access to best practices

Tighter budgets and staff reductions mean you have to do more with less, so there is no time for trial-and-error learning. Best practices allow you to be more effective in less time and sidestep the mistakes made by others.

At Blackboard Connect, our years of experience have given us a wide range of effective solutions, especially in crisis situations, like hurricanes, flooding and flu pandemics. Our client care team is always ready to share this knowledge to ensure you go from new user to savvy, experienced communicator in significantly less time and with less effort.

Support in a crisis

When you need it most, the Blackboard Connect team stands ready with crisis communications support. Whether it’s a natural disaster, an act of violence or a threat to your reputation, we are there to provide strategic communications counsel in an urgent situation. We can help you draft alerts to your stakeholders, and speak with the mass media, until the crisis dissipates.

At Blackboard Connect, our level of service extends beyond the delivery of messages. We also want to help you ensure that the substance of your messages is effective as well. No other mass notification provider offers this level of strategic engagement and support.


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