Blackboard MyConnectTM

Your Community Can Manage Alerts Online — or on the Go

When you tailor the messaging experience to your audience’s needs, your message will be more effective, and your community will be more responsive. Blackboard MyConnect allows people to select the information that matters most to them,
so you can deliver more targeted and relevant alerts.

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Review your messages

MyConnect allows your recipients to review the email and text messages you send, even play back voice calls. And whenever they receive an alert – regardless of mode – they’ll get a push notification on their smartphone as well.


Build your contact database

Allow people to add and modify contact information on their own time, saving administrative staff time spent on database maintenance.

Customize the messaging experience

With MyConnect, stakeholders can set mode and language preferences—sending some message types to email, for example, and others to SMS.

Offer more engaging content

With MyConnect Groups, your community can select the topics they want to hear about. School districts can reach parent volunteers. Local governments can publish crime alerts. Universities can create student groups for athletic boosters or career services updates.

And when your audience self-selects, there’s no worry that everyday messages might diminish your effectiveness in an emergency.


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