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Many marketers today still rely heavily on mass email because SMS marketing is still somewhat daunting.

So what’s the key to using SMS successfully? Whether you are in higher education or business, building your opt-in prospect database and sending engaging mobile-enabled content is key for SMS marketing.

Blackboard ConnectTxt offers SMS marketing features to:

  • Easily create QR Codes
  • Include auto-replies with mobile enabled links
  • Add new contacts to your addressbook with text-in rules
  • Build and manage contact groups with inbox rules
  • Use an easy-to-remember short code phone number

SMS marketing using Blackboard ConnectTxt is easy and effective. Simply import your prospective students or customer lists, build targeted segments, and create templates for your SMS marketing campaigns.

You will find that high school students and young adults respond especially well to SMS marketing campaigns. Some of our clients have seen response rates from 50-60 percent. Plus, 91 percent of people respond to SMS messages within three minutes, so you will generally see a fast response time.

SMS marketing also enables you to turn incoming texts into real, actionable data. With ConnectTxt, you can build charts comparing the text responses from your campaign's recipients. For example, one college's SMS marketing initiative asked admitted students their intentions to enroll, comparing the YES, NO, or MAYBE responses in a single chart to show the incoming admissions yield.


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