2-Way SMS for Admissions, Student Services and More

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Increase Admissions Yield

From the top of the funnel down, ConnectTxt campaigns can help you succeed. Build your prospect database, get fast replies from prospective students and understand where they are in their decision-making process.

Create campaigns to:

  • Encourage campus visits
  • Promote your college through advertising
  • Communicate with admitted students
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Engage "Mobile" Students

Send targeted, personalized text messages and drive students to action. Interact on text to improve student engagement, retention and brand awareness.

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Improve Teaching and Learning

Instructors can use ConnectTxt to support lectures, and with our in-class polls, you can substitute real-time SMS surveys for expensive in-class clicker systems.

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Create More Efficient Processes

Use two-way messaging to automate certain processes by using real-time reports that are texted in and then routed to a designated person


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