The Blackboard Connect for Teachers™ service allows targeted, timely automated communication directly from the classroom. Educators have the ability to:

Engage parents.

Blackboard Connect for Teachers allows educators to quickly send targeted, multi-modal messages directly to parents, making them feel like partners in the classroom. Teachers can instantly share student-specific information including; attendance, assessment, social behavior, and other critical performance data.

Provide targeted, relevant feedback.

More than 1,000 recorded comments allow teachers to communicate everything from upcoming assignment due dates to noticeable shifts in student behavior and performance. Teachers have the ability to reach parents effectively with messages that provide insight into a child’s academic assessment – before the quarterly report card.

Help students achieve.

In just minutes, teachers can send assignment and test reminders home to one parent or an entire classroom. Educators report that messages from Connect for Teachers help boost both homework completion and test preparedness.

Be fully inclusive.

Students and families today speak a variety of languages. Blackboard Connect for Teachers has translated messages and recorded them with professional native speakers in 1 of 23 languages.

Do more with less.

When parents are actively engaged in their child’s academic life, the impact on student academic achievement can be powerful. A recent study found that when parents talk with their children about student activities, study habits and course selection, districts could achieve student performance outcomes equivalent to an additional $1,000 in per pupil spending.


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