Blackboard ConnectTM for Teachers

Empower teachers to connect and engage parents

Blackboard Connect Teacher Messaging makes it easy for K-12 teachers to communicate with one—or one hundred—parents in minutes.

Teachers are often responsible for developing and fostering strong relationships between the school and parents. However, with the competing demands of lesson planning, teaching, and grading, it can be difficult for educators to communicate effectively with each student’s parents.

Keeping parents informed about their child’s academic progress and behavior in the classroom – not just once a semester, but every day – means that parents have more opportunity to have a meaningful impact on their child’s performance at school.

With Blackboard Connect for Teachers, instructors can:

  • Quickly notify parents about changes related to their child's performance or behavior
  • Remind parents about class assignments or requirements
  • Provide student assessment and encouragement
  • Send messages in up to 23 languages
  • Facilitate regular, routine communication with parents

With Blackboard Connect for Teachers, faculty can choose from over 1,000 commonly-used messages to communicate about a student's classroom performance. Teachers can send comments specific to each student’s needs, in the preferred language, helping parents become better informed and engaged..

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Case Study

Orange Unified School District and San Diego Unified School District used Blackboard Connect for Teachers to increase parental involvement and improve student achievement in their districts. Read how >

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