Introducing Blackboard ConnectTM 5

Now it’s even easier for you to connect with confidence. Blackboard Connect 5 will transform your communications, increasing your effectiveness both for emergency notifications and community outreach. Create and send messages faster than ever, and take more confidence in the relevance of your message. There’s never been an easier way to help keep your community safe and informed.

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Easy does it

We've made Blackboard Connect easier than ever to use, so you can spend less time thinking about the process of sending a message and more time creating meaningful content.

The simpler, more intuitive interface improves efficiency with faster access to information and requires less training for your organization's users.

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Click less. Connect more.

Our streamlined Message Center puts everything you need on one screen – even complex multimodal or multilingual messages – getting you to the send button faster.

The scenario templates in Blackboard Connect 5 allow you to pre-set urgent or routine announcements in multiple languages in just a click or two.

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Build your audience faster

Connect 5 introduces powerful portal tools that will boost community participation. Increase the size of your stakeholder audience, gather additional contact points for your database, and register recipients’ device and language preferences. Providing your audience with more options to communicate will increase their participation and satisfaction.

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Accomplish more with your message

Never again wonder if your audience is connecting with your messages. Blackboard Connect 5 includes a wide range of tools that help you target stakeholders with messages that are relevant to them. For example, with our enhanced mapping tools, you can instantly reach specific impact zones on your community map.

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Know where your message stands

Blackboard Connect 5 has real-time reports that provide better visibility into your message status as it’s delivered – right on your home screen. In one click, you have access to detail reports so that you know who has received your message, and when. If needed, you can even cancel a message in progress.

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Connect your community

Blackboard Connect 5 includes an application for Apple® iOS devices that allows you to create, schedule and send messages no matter where you are. You can even target messages to specific recipient groups and access message delivery reports.

Reach your goals faster with Blackboard Connect 5

  • Simpler, more intuitive interface
  • Streamlined message workflow
  • Community Portal
  • Improved message targeting and relevance
  • Real-time reports
  • Smartphone application

With proven reliability, industry-leading support, and rich new features, Blackboard Connect 5  helps you keep your community more secure, closer and stronger.


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