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Blackboard Connects helps parents keep tabs on their kids

K-12 school districts and private schools need a way to keep parents informed and involved with their children’s education. School notification is the preferred way to do this because it is a fast, easy and effective way to communicate with many parents in multiple ways such as email, phone calls, and text messaging.

School notification technology provides superintendents, principals, and communications professionals at the K-12 level with the latest multi-modal messaging capabilities. Blackboard Connect also incorporates mobile apps, data integration and automation, as well as focused attendance and survey features into its school notification product.

5 ways to use school notification to improve district communications:

  • Lunch balance notifications
  • Attendance phone calls to parents
  • School closing pick-up instructions
  • PTA meeting and volunteer information
  • School policy changes

Blackboard also offers mobile apps for both school notification senders as well as parents in the local community that can make creating and receiving messages easier. Considering the increasing number of employees and parents who own smartphones, this is an important way to improve the school notification experience.

The Blackboard Connect app allows you to send school notification messages directly from an iOS or Android to any pre-created groups in your mass notification account. You can download this app in either app store.

For your community, the Blackboard MyConnect app offers an easy way to receive push notifications, subscribe to certain types of school notifications, and quickly review any messages previously sent. This app is also available for iOS and Android.

For more information about how Blackboard Connect school notification technology can benefit your school, start by watching a previously recorded webinar.


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