Blackboard ConnectTM Features

Multimodal messaging

Blackboard Connect offers the widest possible range of communication channels to reach your audience when it matters most—from recorded voice, text-to-speech, SMS, email, TTY, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, to fax, pager, and common alerting protocol (CAP).

Platinum client care

Blackboard Connect assigns to each client a dedicated client care representative who is committed to your long-term success through the delivery of proactive, comprehensive service. For us, client care means more than just rapid case resolution and true, 24-7 access to live experts; it’s also about having a personalized understanding of your community and serving as a trusted communications counselor.

Language translations

Reaching your entire community effectively means speaking their language. For communities where many families speak languages other than English, this can be a significant challenge. With the Blackboard Connect™ service, you can easily and simultaneously reach your community in one of 9 languages for voice translations and up to 83 languages for email and SMS.

Automated Weather alerts

Communicating effectively during unexpected weather events is critical to emergency management personnel and the communities they serve. Blackboard Connect offers automated Weather Alerts to help emergency management directors take the time and guesswork out of keeping communities informed about severe weather, like tornados, severe thunderstorms and flash floods.


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