Emergency Notification System

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In case of emergency, a reliable notification system needs to be in place

There are a wide variety of emergency notification system providers out there, many of them claiming to be the best, or able to do everything you need. No one can predict what the next emergency event might be or when it will happen. That is why choosing an emergency notification system with proven speed, capacity, reliability, and experience is not a luxury, but a requirement.

Four main factors affect the speed and reliability of an emergency notification system and deserve careful consideration:


  • How many calls, emails and texts can your emergency notification system send in an hour?
  • How many messages does your emergency notification system deliver annually?


  • What is the largest single message by volume ever sent by your emergency notification system?
  • What’s the most rapid client implementation you’ve managed?

Message Delivery Options

  • What delivery options are available? Voice? Email? SMS? Social media?
  • Can the emergency notification system integrate with other alerting hardware or software?


  • Do you have redundant servers?
  • What is your reliability record? Do you offer at least 99.99% or 99.999% uptime?

After selecting an emergency notification system, you should expect your service to be operational within 30 days or less. When implementing, two key elements must be executed quickly: data synchronization and user training.

Read more about the Connect 5 emergency notification system and how it meets all of the above requirements.


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