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For mass notification services, a quality user experience is a vital matter of safety and security. If a service is not easy to use, if it does not offer round-the-clock support, then you cannot truly rely upon it in a crisis.

To make the most of your alert notification service, you need the following elements in place:

Uncompromising ease-of-use

Our clear, intuitive web interface is based on simple, consumer web conventions that internet users will easily recognize. Our single-screen message workflow is simple and easy to understand at a glance. With pre-set scenario templates in place, you can send a message in as few as two clicks. In addition to our web interface, you can also record and send a message using our smartphone application or by following the instructions on our Dial-In Messaging Card.

An easier-to-use user experience means that your urgent messages go out faster, you will spend less time training staff, and you can pay more attention to the content of your message, rather than the process of sending it.

Round-the-clock service from live and knowledgeable representatives

Emergencies do not happen on a 9-to-5 timetable. Severe weather, gas leaks, fires, floods, and crimes can strike at any hour. To ensure safety, you need to be able to respond in minutes. At Blackboard Connect, we offer true, round-the-clock access to trained care representatives ready to respond to your phone call or email. Our care representatives are recognized for their deep knowledge of the service and for their commitment to helping you get your messages out quickly and easily.

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Rapid implementation and experience integrating with a wide range of data sources

At Blackboard Connect, we’ll get you up and running on your timetable. Need to communicate with your stakeholders right away? We can help get you started with minimal disruption to your staff. Over the years, we have successfully integrated with hundreds of client data sources, including student information systems, human resources systems, and enterprise resource management systems—even with school library and nutrition management software.

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