Blackboard Connect has telecommunications contracts in place to initiate at least 3.2 million sixty-second voice messages per hour and 1.8 million SMS and email messages per hour. All messages are delivered quickly based on the local exchange carrier’s available bandwidth. This is critical when you have an important message that must reach all recipients in a matter of minutes.

Call Throttling

Large numbers of notification messages can overwhelm local telephone switches. With this in mind, we utilize proprietary, intelligent call throttling algorithms throughout each phase of delivery. Blackboard Connect and its partners analyze traffic flow in and around local and regional areas to accommodate for network congestion. This is a highly specialized service technique that has been refined during our more than ten years of service delivery.

Redundant Systems

With 99.999% service availability, our redundant systems and unmatched capacity assure continuity during incidents that might otherwise disrupt local communications infrastructure, such as natural disasters, human threats, or security breaches caused by hackers, viruses, and worms.*

Available Capacity

Blackboard Connect’s clients currently use an average of less than 2% of our contracted capacity daily. We are committed to growing that capacity to keep pace with increasing client demand, as demonstrated by our history of growth.

With years of experience and proven track record of uninterrupted service delivery, Blackboard Connect offers the capacity, redundancy, and security you need—no matter what situation you encounter.

Our capacity has been proven. On February, 1, 2011, as a major snow blizzard blanketed the eastern United States, Blackboard Connect sent over 19 million messages in a 24-hour period. Despite heavy local messaging traffic, the Blackboard Connect service performed efficiently, delivering both emergency and non-emergency messages without service disruption for clients across the US.

* Based on last year’s performance.


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