Benefits of Blackboard Connect

In 2010, over 500 million voice messages and more than 140 million email and SMS messages were sent using Blackboard Connect.

Connect with Confidence

Blackboard Connect will transform your communications, increasing your effectiveness both for emergency notifications and community outreach. Create and send messages faster than ever, and take more confidence in the relevance of your message. There’s never been an easier way to help keep your community safe and informed.

Reach your community when it matters most

For any community leader – from K-12 superintendents, to university police chiefs or city mayors – safety and security are of paramount concern. In an urgent situation, Blackboard Connect sends out timely safety instructions and situation updates to community members. With Blackboard Connect, leaders can communicate quickly during an unforeseen event.

Engage your community

Community leaders leverage Blackboard Connect to build stronger relationships with key audiences, whether parents in K-12 schools, students in college, or city and county residents.

Save money and generate revenue

In tough economic times, Blackboard Connect helps public institutions close fiscal gaps. Schools across the country increase enrollment funding using the  attendance function. Colleges and universities chalk up significant savings in printing and postage. Cities and counties regularly collect thousands of dollars in unrecovered fines and past-due utility bills.

Enhance teaching and learning

Using Blackboard Connect for Teachers or grade threshold messages, teachers can provide immediate insight into a child’s academic performance. In higher education, Blackboard Connect for Learn helps professors deliver alerts and instructions to students using the technologies they embrace, like text messaging.


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