Introducing TRAIN: Everything You Need for Training. One Convenient Package.

Adopting a new technology tool can be a major undertaking for an institution. The Collaborate TRAIN package is designed to support your master training team, IT support staff, and faculty through every phase of implementation. The package includes a variety of training and support materials designed for delivery by your master training team to your learning constituents.

Designed and developed by Blackboard Collaborate, these training materials have been proven to enhance learner outcomes and promote effective usage of Blackboard Collaborate platform. Whether you’re looking for materials for your face-to-face training or creating an online training program, you will save extensive development time.

Our goal is to help you maximize your investment by providing solutions that incorporate mentorship, education, and knowledge management, making your institution stronger and more competitive.

In addition to training and support materials, the TRAIN package also includes:

  • Collaborate TRAIN Community and Download Site – Provides ongoing access to the latest TRAIN materials as well as houses community and support materials to assist you in your implementation efforts.

  • Onboarding Meetings - Series of webinars designed to provide knowledge transfer and expert guidance to help you to implement your TRAIN package.

  • Ongoing Package Support – Your TRAIN package is supported and maintained by members of the Blackboard Collaborate TRAIN Support Team. These team members are here to assist you with questions related to TRAIN throughout your TRAIN license.

  • Implementation Tools –Materials designed to support you in your use of the package.

Training Materials

TRAIN is a comprehensive professional development package that provides organizations with the resources needed for a self-sustaining training program centered on the effective implementation of Blackboard Collaborate. The Collaborate TRAIN Support team will update the package materials to keep you informed of changes to features and functionality. Although created and maintained by Blackboard, the TRAIN package is facilitated by you giving you the freedom to design and adjust your professional development plan to meet your needs.

Package Highlights:

Enterprise Instant Messaging - Provides a foundation on using the most essential Blackboard IM tools and features and includes:

  • Workshop Materials
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Supplemental Resources

Web Conferencing - Provides the foundation for learning to use the most essential web conferencing tools and features to teach classes, facilitate meetings or deliver webinars as well as introductory training for administrators on the Session Administration System (SAS) capabilities. Web Conferencing training includes:

  • Web Conferencing Essentials Workshop Materials and Supplemental Resources
  • Beyond the Basics Workshop Materials
  • Putting It All Together Workshop Materials and Supplemental Resources
  • Before and After with Plan and Publish Workshop Materials and Supplemental Resources
  • Session Administration System Workshop Materials and Quick Reference Guides
  • Participant Orientation Workshop Materials and Quick Reference Guides
  • Mobile Web Conferencing Workshop Material and Quick Reference Guides
  • Supplemental Information including Quick Reference Guides, Web Conferencing Integration User Guides, Additional Feature Slide Deck (containing plug-and-play slides for use as needed), and Additional Resource Handouts

Voice Authoring - Guides participants through a series of interactions to build their foundational knowledge of the Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring features and includes

  • Workshop Materials
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Supplemental Resources


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