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A New Lease on Learning: Synchronous Online Organizational Training and Development
In today’s fast-paced, information-driven business environment, the need for cost-effective, results-oriented organizational training and development is more important than ever. Many organizations are extending traditional classroom and asynchronous, self-paced training with synchronous eLearning. But this technology must go beyond simple web conferencing for meetings and presentations to enable real-time interactivity, ad hoc collaboration, and anywhere, anytime access.
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10 Cool Ways to Engage with Blackboard Collaborate
With all the engaging capabilities in Blackboard Collaborate, it was a bit difficult to whittle down the list to the “Top Ten”. So we’ll leave it at ten, with a note that there are plenty more where these came from. Download now >

The Five Critical Elements of a Collaboration Solution for Education
For academic technologists and chief academic officers, this white paper discusses the distinction between general-purpose conferencing systems and solutions that were designed to meet the needs of academic institutions to better equip readers as they evaluate systems.  View one-minute white paper presentation >   Download full white paper now >

The Five Critical Elements of a Collaboration Solution for K-12 School Systems
This e-guide for K-12 district leaders, instructional technologists, and professional development coordinators discusses the capabilities and attributes specific to an educational setting that may not be present in a web conferencing system designed to meet general-purpose corporate need. Download now >

No User Left Behind: Blackboard Collaborate and the Accessibility Imperative
Accessibility is not just a "nice to have." It's an imperative, especially for those of us who provide technology-based products and services. The end result is a richer, more interactive teaching and learning environment for everyone. Download now >


Integration: The "Behind the Scenes" Enabler of Blended Learning
Developed by Wainhouse Research, this white paper discusses why colleges, universities and other schools can benefit from integrating live collaboration and learning management systems, how the process takes place, and what to seek in an integration ecosystem. Download now >

Live Engagement: Building the Case for Adding Synchronous Collaboration to Blackboard Learn Combining live engagement with an LMS offers many benefits to colleges and universities. This white paper explains why synchronous learning and collaboration matter and how Blackboard Collaborate has developed an expecially tight integration with Blackboard Learn to foster student engagement, support educator efficiency, and streamline administrator functions. Download now >

Live Engagement: Building the Case for Adding Synchronous Collaboration to Moodle Learning Management Systems (LMS) have become central to the day to-day-workings of colleges and universities. For thousands of institutions worldwide, the LMS of choice is Moodle. Learn how Blackboard Collaborate's seamless integration with Moodle can foster student engagement, streamline administrator functions, and support educator effeciency. Download now >

Live Engagement: Building the Case for Adding Synchronous Collaboration to Your LMS
Blackboard Collaborate has been closely integrated with, and provides out-of-the-box connectors for, a broad range of learning management systems. Overall, integration enables students, instructors, and administrators to access the full breadth of online learning—including virtual classes, formal collaboration, and impromptu meetings—all within the same environment.
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Return on Investment

Delivering ROI for Higher Education Institutions
To attract and retain students, colleges and universities must stay current and relevant by offering blended learning, virtual collaboration, and a wired campus. With the Blackboard Collaborate platform, schools can promote the engagement, connection, and immediacy they need to achieve the student and institutional outcomes essential in the 21st century. Here are some stories from the trenches. Download now >

Delivering ROI for K-12 Schools
Thousands of schools from around the globe reply on Blackboard Collaborate to reach their academic, administrative, and financial goals through more engaging, interactive, and cost-effective learning and collaboration. This white paper offers examples of how K-12 schools succeeded in 2012 as a direct result of utilizing Blackboard Collaborate for online classes, help, meetings, professional development, and more. Download now >


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