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Wainhouse Research Bulletin - March 6, 2013
1:1 Valerie Schreiner, VP Product Management/Product Marketing, Blackboard Collaborate

Wainhouse analyst Alan D. Greenberg goes one-on-one with our own Valerie Schreiner on a variety of topics, including how Blackboard Collaborate wins when institutions base their decision on improved outcomes rather than trying to force-fit a meeting tool into the teaching and learning environment. Download now >

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EON - November 13, 2013

Roanoke County Public Schools Transform High School Learning Experience with Dell
RCPS is creating a technology-enriched learning environment centered on the educator and student experience. Each incoming freshman student receives their own new Dell™ Latitude laptop with Windows 7, which is pre-loaded with Microsoft® Office 2010, curriculum software including titles for math and science, and learning tools like Blackboard Learn™ and Blackboard Collaborate.

University Business - October 24, 2013

Blackboard Announces Integrated Virtual Classroom
Blackboard Inc. has announced the release of an integrated virtual classroom that allows instructors to create and use Web conferencing tools such as video recording, instant messaging and voice discussion boards, all seamlessly integrated into Blackboard Learn™, the company’s flagship learning management system (LMS).

Office of Open Learning - October 9, 2013

Why I Love Going to Class in Blackboard Collaborate
Can all courses benefit from online delivery? Perhaps no (but we’re working on it…), but in the cases where it works, it really works. Find out why from this University of Windsor blogger who became an enthusiastic Blackboard Collaborator.

Behind the Scenes Technology - September 13, 2013

Technology is SOOO Cool!
Read how one Blackboard system administrator at the University of Saskatchewan went above and beyond the call of duty to help an instructor use Blackboard Collaborate to include remote students in his traditional face-to-face classroom.

Concord Monitor - September 10, 2013

What's It Like to Actually Teach Online?
The Community College System of New Hampshire offers 381 online courses.  In 2012, CCSNH had 11,676 enrollments in 100% online courses, an increase of 112%.  One teachers shares her experiences teaching online with Blackboard Collaborate.

T.H.E. Journal - August 15, 2013

Revamped Virtual Arkansas Sticks with LMS
A virtual high school in Arkansas has decided to stick with Blackboard Learn after considering others. Three times a week, students will work through class material in the LMS. The other two days, they'll use Blackboard Collaborate to participate in synchronous classes.

Sacramento Bee - August 13, 2013

Virtual Arkansas Selects Blackboard for State-wide Online Learning
The newly formed Virtual Arkansas will use Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate to provide online classes to at least 7,000 students from across the state for the 2013-14 school year, with plans to expand that number significantly in the near future.

eSchool News - August 1, 2013

Our Readers' Top 40 Ed-tech Services for 2013-14
We are thrilled and honored to be among the 40 readers' choice award winners this year. Many thanks to our clients and eSchool News readers who voted for us!

NIU Today - July 29, 2013

No Chalk Dust: NIU Wins Blackboard Awards
For the third consecutive year, NIU’s Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center has received major awards in recognition of excellence in offering faculty and staff development online. Download case study >

The Record - July 24, 2013

Saint Rose Staff Win Global Award
The college uses Blackboard tools to conduct interviews and meetings with content experts around the world, pilot a cutting-edge telepractice program for the College’s communication sciences and disorders program, invite peers from across the nation to lecture, and much more.

SIS News - June 21, 2013

School of International Service Professor Honored for Online Innovation
SIS Professor and COTELCO/IDPP (Center for Research on Collaboratories and Technology Enhanced Learning Communities/Institute on Disability and Public Policy) Executive Director Derrick L. Cogburn has been named the recipient of the 2013 Blackboard Collaborate Hall of Fame Catalyst Award.

TRIB LIVE - June 5, 2013

Quaker Valley Students Take Part in Pennsylvania Geography Webinar
Fourth-grade students in three PA schools were challenged to find the location of the other two schools and prepare a presentation with clues about where their own school is located. Each school used Blackboard Collaborate to provide clues and later reveal where they were.

Bright Ideas - May 30, 2013

Online Assemblies Using Blackboard Collaborate
Given the size of its school population and available facilities, Cranbourne East Primary School didn’t have a large enough space to accommodate a whole school assembly. By holding sessions via Blackboard Collaborate and publishing them on its website, the school can include parents and community members.

Daily Leader - May 12, 2013

Class Project Goes Out of This World
Using Blackboard Collaborate, 8th grade science students at Brookhaven Academy were able to connect with  the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University, where they were able to direct the Mars Space Odyssey spacecraft THEMIS camera to a particular location on Mars to take photographs of four volcanoes for their project.

T.H.E. Journal - May 8, 2013

Blackboard Brings Web Conferencing App to Android
The new mobile version of Blackboard Collaborate for Android allows users to participate in live classes and meetings. In addition, the company is also launching other significant enhancements to the core product, including functionality that allows users to record sessions for viewing on any mobile device and automatic assignment of a conference call number.

Campus Technology - May 7, 2013

Oregon Chooses New Platform for Community College Conferencing
The Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) is recommending the use of a new Web conferencing system, Blackboard Collaborate, for its schools to improve to delivery of online courses to non-traditional and rurally located students.

Saudi Gazette - April 29, 2013

Mideast Adapts to eLearning Technologies
The Middle East is adapting to digital teaching methods, and will be among the fastest growing communities in the world to invest in new online learning technologies, panelists at the e-learning forum in Dubai has said. The forum introduced attendees to Blackboard’s learning aids, including Blackboard Collaborate.

The Daily Beacon - April 15, 2013

OIT Workshop Focuses on iPads in Classroom
At the University of Tennessee, faculty members are learning more about how to use technology in the classroom. Case in point: using their iPads to access Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate.

TALL blog - March 28, 2013

 A Massive Slice of Pi
Recently, the Universityof Oxford hosted Pi Day Live, a free online event vid Blackboard Collaborate about ‘rediscovering’ the famous number hosted by Professor Marcus du Sautoy. One thousand participants from 17 different countries. pre-registered for the "Online Lecture Theatre."

On an e-Journey with Generation Y blog - March 28, 2013

Minecraft in Education – Tech Talk Tuesday in Review

An instructor uses an online reality game in his math and science classes. Successful application sharing in Blackboard Collaborate enabled participants in real time, or whilst viewing the recording, to see the exact nature of this amazing world and its potential for learning. Participants came from Pakistan, USA and Australia.

UC San Diego ACMS Blog - March 28, 2013

Staff Spotlight: Joan Holmquist
Joan and her colleagues in Instructional Technology Services have recently finished working on a pilot of Blackboard Collaborate. “There’s so much going on in education and educational technology,” Joan says, “whether it’s flipping the classroom or looking at how tools can enhance teaching.”

Virtual School Meanderings - March 26, 2013

How Teacher Certification Programs Must Change to Meet the Growing Demand for Online Classes
Many teachers are graduating their certification programs with high qualifications to teach students in traditional classrooms, but lack the skills necessary to teach in the 21st century online classroom. Second life, Google Docs, and Blackboard Collaborate can help.

The Creightonian - March 24, 2013

Creaton Professor Lectures Via Video Chat
As part of the Dual-Immersion for the Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL) Spanish program, Professor Charles Braymen from the department of economics and finance gave a lecture on “Global Perspectives in U.S. Business Education” to foreign students attending Universidad Iberoamericana en Leon, Mexico via Blackboard Collaborate's video live stream.

The Patriot - Match 13, 2013

Kunka expands the WC’s presence online
“We started online tutoring a year ago to help support the new online courses here at the university,” Director of the WC and Associate Professor of English Dr. Jennifer Kunka said. “Last semester, we opened it up to everyone on the campus.”

The Patriot - March 2, 2013

Writing Center Offers Onine Tutoring
The Francis Marion University (FMU) Writing Center (WC) recently expanded their online tutoring program to all FMU students via Blackboard Collaborate. The WC first tried out the online sessions with the education and nursing departments before offering online tutoring to all students.

T.H.E. Journal - February 28, 2013

Blackboard Collaborate Adds Interoperability Support
Blackboard Collaborate has added support for Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specifications. The move makes the online collaboration platform available from any LTI-compliant learning management system (LMS).

B2fxxx Blog - February 7, 2013

Open University Turns to Blackboard Collaborate
The university plans a phased approach to upgrade from Elluminate Live! to Blackboard Collaborate. The biggest change: hosting will be done externally by Blackboard, on servers within the EU, rather than internally by the OU on servers in the UK.

The Varsity - January 21, 2013

The Virtual Classroom - Redefining the Learning Experience
At the University of Toronto, “Neurobiology of Behavior" is the first of course of its kind to be structured and delivered completely online using the newly licensed Blackboard Collaborate. Providing a real-time experience for about a hundred students, Blackboard Collaborate is the primary form of interaction and the medium in which the lectures and tutorials take place.

College of Education and Human Development Newsroom - January 11, 2013

Texas A&M Helps Build the Education Pipeline with Positive Recruiting
The names of prospective students are entered into the data base and from then on there is frequent interaction with them, including online forums utilizing Blackboard Collaborate, where junior and senior high school and transfer students are able to ask questions concerning CEHD, Texas A&M, degree plans, admissions and financial aid.

The London Free Press - January 8, 2013

Where the Disabled are Enabled
Western University’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) served 1,520 students in the last academic year. Blackboard Collaborate allows students with disabilities — as well as distance-studies students and those who just want a refresher — to access information in their own time.

Alaska Dispatch - December 17, 2012

Distance-learning Program Aims to Educate Fisheries Managers
This spring, a distance learning program offered through the University of Alaska Southeast, will enable aspiring fisheries professionals to gain insight into some of the principals, concepts, and techniques of fisheries management. Students will use Blackboard Collaborate for weekly meetings.

NJTODAY.NET - December 16, 2012

Wardlaw-Hartridge School Receives Technology In Education Grant
The grant will enhance Lower School technology and the school’s global focus in its new Global Studies Partners Program. Students will use Blackboard Collaborate to participate in interactive classroom projects with a partner school in a foreign country.

Western News - December 13, 2012

System Opens Classroom to Everyone
For first-year student Ashlee Banyard, who is hearing-impaired, a closed-captioning feature available in Blackboard Collaborate – a virtual classroom environment – makes Physics lectures accessible.

University Business - December 3, 2012

CUNY Selects Blackboard to Expand Online Learning
The City University of New York (CUNY), the largest urban university system in the nation, is partnering with Blackboard to establish a full teaching and learning platform, including Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate, across all of its campuses to support significant growth and expansion in online learning.

Converge: Creating Tomorrow's CLE - November 30, 2012

Transitioning from Elluminate to Collaborate
According to Learning Technologist Specialist and blogger Dylan Romero, UCSF is happy to report that the transition from what he likes to call the chaotic period to Collaborate has brought some great changes to the way we use the web conferencing system. This represents only a fraction of the potential uses for Collaborate in education.

The City Wire - November 1, 2012

NWACC’s IT Department Ranked 2nd in U.S.
Northwest Arkansas Commmunity College was recognized for its outstanding use and implementation of technology services across campus, including Blackboard Collaborate.

The GW Hatchet - October 29, 2012

Storm Watch: With Classes Canceled, Some Professors Turn to Online Sessions
As Hurricane Sandy stormed into the District, about 50 students in professor Earl Skelton’s introductory astronomy class huddled around their laptops for an online version of Monday’s class through Blackboard Collaborate.

NIU Faculty Development Blog - October 26, 2012

Facilitating Web Conferencing, Interaction, and Collaboration using Blackboard Collaborate
With more and more instruction taking place online, faculty are increasingly seeking online tools and strategies that can promote communication, interaction, and live collaboration from faculty-to-student, student-to-student, and student-to-content. - October 25, 2012

Blackboard Collaborate’s Live Virtual Classrooms in New Era of Learning
Blackboard, a recognized leader in enterprise technology products for education and training use, is now making its mark in delivering live collaboration for the virtual classroom with Blackboard Collaborate.

The Patriot - October 16, 2012

Writing Center Offers Online Tutoring After Hours
Provided by the Francis Marion University Writing Center, online tutoring via Blackboard Collaborate gives FMU students a new way to access tutorials outside of normal hours.

PRWeb - October 11, 2012

UMA Leads With Technology and Service to Enhance Student Experience
The Ultimate Medical Academy recently launched several new technologies, including Blackboard Collaborate, that facilitate the learning experience and support students balancing work and education.

The Collegian - September 20, 2012

Online Classes Help Earn Master's Degrees
“A recent surge in innovative technological advances allows educators to break down the barriers that often prevent individuals from furthering their education,” says Dr. Cynthia Simpson, dean of the School of Education, Houston Baptist University.

Times Record News - September 15, 2012

Online Learning Hits Fast Track: North Texas Colleges Use Modern Tools
Particularly at the collegiate level, the online phenomenon is fueled by young adults who like technology and nontraditional students who need it, educators say.

Ovum View - September 13, 2012

Connecting and Interacting Gets Easier with the New Blackboard Collaborate
With collaboration and engagement being two increasingly important themes in higher education, Blackboard is headed in the right direction with its Collaborate platform.

Getting Smart - September 10, 2012

Blackboard Collaborate Goes Mobile
Educational technology provider sees Blackboard Collaborate mobile web conferencing as a valuable tool to use in an increasingly mobile world, especially where schools are embracing bring your own device (BYOD) programs or 1:1 tablet, smartphone, or laptop programs.

Virtual Strategy Magazine - August 20, 2012

Schoology Welcomes Back the New School Year With the Launch of the Schoology App Center
More than twenty applications are actively being built on the Schoology API and developer platform for the App Center, which is going live with five popular third-party applications, including Blackboard Collaborate.

Wainhouse Research News & Views - August 2, 2012

Blackboard Collaborate Unveiled
The mobile app, in keeping with what other web conferencing and lecture capture vendors are accomplishing, shows not only that “less is more” in mobility, but also that making apps simple to use doesn’t have to reduce or limit the ability to offer a robust feature set.


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"It is rare that we can recognize a vendor for vision, execution, and timely delivery of a significantly new and improved product or service, but we do so here. Blackboard has executed precisely on its promise and delivered a product that improves on previous Wimba and Elluminate platforms. The company took advantage of a product advisory council in creating Collaborate 11, and it shows." 
- Alan Greenberg, Senior Analyst & Partner,  Wainhouse Research

"Ovum believes that Blackboard Collaborate encourages faculty and students to experiment with new pedagogical techniques to facilitate engagement. Blackboard Collaborate has opened up new methods of realtime collaboration that is keeping students engaged and, as a result, improving outcomes."
- Navneet Johal, Associate Analyst, Education Technology, Ovum