Community Programs

Imagine having a world of support behind everything you do. For every challenge or any question, there’s someone to rely on, someone to connect with, and someone that empowers you to give feedback that directly impacts the product development process. That's exactly what's available to you as a member of our client community.

Ask The MVPs

The MVPs are in! Get the answers you need, when you need them. Learn about effective practices and get insightful product know-how from Blackboard Collaborate power users who are available to quickly answer your questions. Learn more >

Free Upgrade Cohort Programs

Get ready for Blackboard Collaborate 12. Learn from the Collaborate Team. Share experiences and ideas with other institutions who are in the process of upgrading or who are already using Blackboard Collaborate. Get the tools, tips, and resources to help you successfully prepare for and implement Blackboard Collaborate. Join now:

Innovation. Awards. Applause.

Now part of the Blackboard Catalyst Awards, the Blackboard Collaborate Hall of Fame for Excellence in Collaboration celebrates educators around the world who have shown exemplary innovation and creativity in their use of the Blackboard Collaborate platform. Visit the Blackboard Catalyst Awards program page to learn more and to submit a nomination for yourself or a peer.