Seamless Integration with Pearson LearningStudio

Powered by Blackboard Collaborate, the Pearson LearningStudio ClassLive suite of products enables you to integrate live, synchronous distance learning and collaboration into your coursework to deliver a more powerful learning experience.

Using ClassLive, instructors can deliver interactive, real-time classes that include shared whiteboards, text messaging, and record/playback capabilities. Participants can launch a synchronous session or recording using ClassLive directly from within Pearson LearningStudio for a better user experience every time—regardless of connection speed.

Pearson LearningStudio users can upgrade to ClassLive Pro for advanced functionality, such as superior VOIP, application sharing, breakout rooms, video, and more.


  • Launch of a classroom right from within Pearson LearningStudio
  • Shared whiteboard and interactive text chat
  • Ability to record sessions
  • Playback of recorded sessions by all (administrators/teachers/students)

ClassLive Pro

  • Multipoint video and other rich-media content
  • Superior two-way voice over IP
  • Application sharing
  • Breakout rooms for small group collaboration
  • Video and other media-rich content
  • Web tours


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