Seamless Integration with Moodle Course Management System

Better Together: Moodleand Blackboard CollaborateWatch Demo

Better Together: Blackboard Collaborate and Moodle
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Our seamless integrations provide single-click access to Blackboard Collaborate™ web conferencing, enterprise instant messaging, and voice authoring capabilities from within your familiar Moodle® environment.

This complete, seamless solution blends synchronous and asynchronous technology for more effective learning and improved outcomes—all delivered and managed from
a single system.

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Integration

Our seamless web conferencing integration for Moodle enables:

  • Classroom creation by instructors and teaching assistants
  • Ability to display list and modify scheduled classrooms
  • Single sign-on launch of classroom from within Moodle
  • Scheduling and delivery of Blackboard Collaborate sessions
  • Single-click access to Blackboard Collaborate sessions
  • Support for built-in phone conferencing
  • Ability to create, store, and view Blackboard Collaborate recordings
  • Recording conversion to easily accessible MP3/MP4 formats
  • Ability to assign moderator and participant roles
  • Ability to assign sessions to groups within Moodle

Blackboard Collaborate Instant Messaging and Voice Authoring Integrations

With our seamless integrations, Moodle users can access, manage, and use Blackboard Collaborate enterprise instant messaging and voice authoring capabilities (formerly Wimba Voice) without ever leaving their familiar CMS environment. Elevate simple text conversations to rich interactive experiences—instantly and conveniently—for informal learning, help, and collaboration outside the formal classroom.

For Instructors and Staff

  • Schedule and deliver classes using our Internet-based, real-time virtual classroom that includes VoIP, built-in phone conferencing, shared whiteboards, PowerPoint import, public and private chat, application sharing, breakout rooms, and more
  • Record Blackboard Collaborate sessions for those who missed the live session, assign grade value for attendance and specify if the meeting is public or private.
  • Convert recordings to MP3/MP4 formats for easy downloading or streaming to desktop or mobile devices
  • Facilitate small group work, team projects, and other group collaboration
  • Automatically populate Moodle calendar with each session as a course or user event.
  • Facilitate vocal instruction, collaboration, personalized coaching, and assessment.

For IT and Technical Staff

Blackboard Collaborate integrations for Moodle install into your existing Moodle environment quickly and securely. They connect to the Blackboard Collaborate application you already host on your own server or as an ASP service with Blackboard Collaborate.


Your institution's Moodle administrator can download the Moodle integrations for web conferencing, enterprise instant messaging, and voice authoring from the Downloads section of the Blackboard Collaborate Support Portal in the CMS and LMS Integrations folder. You can install the appropriate update at any time.

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