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Better Together: Blackboard Learn and Blackboard CollaborateWatch Demo

Better Together: Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate
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Our Blackboard Collaborate™ integrations provide single-click access to Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing, enterprise instant messaging, and voice authoring capabilities from within your familiar Blackboard Learn™ environment.

This complete, seamless solution blends synchronous and asynchronous technology for more effective learning and improved outcomes—all delivered and managed from a single system.

We also support Blackboard CE/Vista Enterprise and Blackboard Learn ANGEL Edition.

Building Block for Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

For Instructors

  • Schedule and deliver classes using Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing. capabilities, including VoIP, multi-point video, built-in phone conferencing, shared whiteboards, public/private chat, best-in-breakout rooms, application/desktop sharing, file transfer, and PowerPoint import
  • Create sessions easily, even those lasting longer than a year.
  • Get automatically assigned room for every course for the entire length of the course.
  • Hold virtual office hours, tutoring sessions, meetings, and more in your own personal room, automatically created and accessible from any of your courses.
  • Automatically assign a grade in the Grade Center for attending a live session or viewing a recording.
  • Easily convert session recordings to MP3/MP4 formats for streaming or downloading to desktop or any mobile device.

For Participants

  • Launch a synchronous session or recording using Blackboard Collaborate directly from Blackboard Learn for a great user experience every time—regardless of connection speed.
  • View web conferencing sessions in the Blackboard Learn Calendar with a link to launch the session.
  • Join live classes and meetings on the go from your mobile device or tablet.

For Administrators

  • Improved administration tools make setting up and configuring the integration easier than ever.
  • Integration supports Blackboard Learn 9.1, Blackboard Learn 9.0, and Blackboard Learning System Enterprise 8.x.

Building Block for Blackboard Collaborate Enterprise Instant Messaging

  • Integrate with Blackboard Learn to foster connections with customizable contacts, presence and status, and complete list of teachers, students, and classes.
  • Support both administrative and ad hoc uses, like student services, virtual office hours, mentoring, and student-to-student collaboration.
  • Provide low-cost professional development for instructors and staff.

Building Block for Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring

  • Extend Blackboard Learn by adding voice to course content, assessments, and instructor feedback.
  • Incorporate threaded voice discussion boards, voice-enabled email, voice embedded in course pages, personalized feedback, and live group discussions.
  • Provide greater clarity and understanding, while making the learning process more interesting and engaging.

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Districts Save Resources and Improve Outcomes with Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate


"The new [Building Block integration is a big improvement because it allows the teachers to do so much more in the LMS"
- Mark Radcliffe

“We use Blackboard Learn integrated with Blackboard Collaborate voice authoring, web conferencing, and instant messaging. Having these tools allows our faculty and students to fully interact, enhancing the teaching and learning experience."
- Amy Thornton, Project Manager, University of Southern Mississippi

“Our students, faculty, and staff rely on Blackboard Learn every day, and with the addition of Blackboard Collaborate, we provide them with an increased range of flexibility and functionality, all in a seamless environment."
- Marshall Edison, CIO, University of the Incarnate Word