Seamless Integration with Blackboard CE/Vista Enteprise

For users of Blackboard Learning System - CE/Vista Enterprise (formerly known as WebCT) solution, the Blackboard Collaborate™ web conferencing integration enables you to easily and seamlessly integrate live, synchronous distance learning and collaboration into your coursework.

That means instructors can schedule and deliver classes using Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing capabilities, with superior voice over the Internet, multi-point video, integrated teleconferencing, shared whiteboards, public/private chat, best-in-class breakout rooms, application/desktop sharing, file transfer, PowerPoint® import, and more.

Participants can launch a synchronous session or recording using Blackboard Collaborate directly from Blackboard Learning System - CE/Vista Enterprise for a better user experience every time—regardless of connection speed.


  • Powerlink for seamless integration with Course Tools, Learning Modules, and Organizers
  • Ability to enable Powerlink for all or selected courses
  • User authentication from LMS database and access to users outside LMS
  • Classroom creation by instructors or teaching assistants
  • Classroom launch and session recording playback by instructors or students
  • Ability to display list and modify scheduled classrooms

System Interfaces

For Self-Hosted Customers:

  • Blackboard Learning System - CE Enterprise version 6 or higher
  • Blackboard Learning System - Vista Enterprise version 4 or higher

For SAS Customers:

  • Blackboard Learning System - CE Enterprise Vista Version 8


To learn more about Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing integration with Blackboard Learn CE/Vista, check out these resources:


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