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Blackboard Collaborate: Seamless Open Integrations

Blackboard Collaborate continues to focus on better accessibility for all users and on open standards for greater interoperability to increase flexibility. You can feel confident about deploying Blackboard Collaborate—regardless of your LMS strategy.

When you integrate Blackboard Collaborate with your existing learning or content management system, it simply appears as one resource. With just a single click, your instructors and participants will have easy access to our live web conferencing, enterprise instant messaging and voice authoring environments directly from their current familiar application. You can even integrate multiple LMS, CMS, or VLE applications.

Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing integrations

Because we believe that live interaction is a key component of effective teaching and learning, we provide a seamless experience that combines Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing with a wide variety of learning and course management systems:

Enterprise instant messaging and voice authoring integrations

As part of our complete solution for education, Blackboard Collaborate also offers LMS integrations with its enterprise instant messaging and voice authoring capabilities. Now you can offer instant collaboration campus-wide and give your students and instructors a voice—all from within their familiar LMS environment, including Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Learn ANGEL Edition, Desire2Learn, and Moodle.

Custom integrations

When it comes to custom interfaces and homegrown content management systems, we provide a comprehensive set of Standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and specifications that help you develop an adapter to connect Blackboard Collaborate with any LMS, CMS, VLE, or portal. Blackboard Collaborate enables you to leverage the technology you have now to meet your unique needs.


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Why Integrate?

  • Incorporate Collaboration. Seamless integration supports how teaching and learning really happen by creating collaborative elements throughout.
  • Minimize Costs. Shift time, money, and focus from training  and support to instruction, learning, and collaboration.
  • Increase Adoption. New technology is more readily adopted when it is convenient and easy to use. Barriers are removed and ROI is accelerated.
  • Improve Outcomes. More access to instructors, help desk support, or classmates increases student engagement, satisfaction, and success.